Explore the natural wonders in Yucatán.

What To Do

Adventure abounds in Yucatán. Only here can you discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Chichén Itzá and Uxmal and explore diverse ecosystems from beaches to cenotes and jungles. Shopping, nightlife, and festivals offer many activities for your trip.

Archaeological Sites

Yucatán is home to more than a dozen historical Mayan sites. The most famous are Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, but the lesser known sites also give visitors a glimpse into the cultural history of Yucatán.

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Outdoor Adventure

The Yucatán region boasts a coastline of pristine beaches and inland areas rich with natural preserves that are ripe for exploration and adventure. Experience wildlife viewing, cave diving, kayaking, and more.

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Recognized in Mexico and around the world, Yucatán cuisine is largely a result of the state’s former isolation from the rest of Mexico and its constant interaction with Europe, Cuba, and New Orleans via its ports.

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Yucatán is world-famous for its traditional embroideries as well as Mayan pottery and artwork that are available at local artists’ shops. Yucatán hot sauce and spices are also popular shopping items in the region.

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Nightlife & Entertainment

Live music and dancing is an essential part of Yucatán nightlife. Nightlife in the capital of Mérida is vibrant and active where locals and expatriates gather at their favorite cantinas after work and into the night.

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There are many local cultural museums that should be included in your Yucatán itinerary. From the Folk Art Museum to the Museum of Contemporary Art, there are plenty of options for all interests.

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Kukulkán Nights

This new tour experience has been designed to provide a contemporary view using technological advances of our era, which allows visitors to re-live the splendor of an ancient, mystical and living culture.

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Festivals & Events

Yucatán features year-round festivals and events that attract international attention. Holiday celebrations, food festivals and large-scale trade shows make great reasons to visit Yucatán.

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