Shopping in Yucatán

Shopping in Yucatán

Shopping in Yucatán


Yucatán is world-famous for its traditional embroideries dating back to pre-Hispanic times. This craftsmanship can be found in Ipils, light cotton blouses or dresses embroidered with beautiful and colorful flowers. For men, there are Guayaberas, pale colored cotton shirts designed with great detail and intricate stitching. Mayan pottery and artwork is available at local artists’ stores, and Yucatecan hot sauce and spices are also popular shopping items in the region. 

Yucatan Handcrafts

Attention to detail makes Yucatán handicrafts true works of art. The products of Yucatán are made of different materials, designs, and colors, serving both a useful purpose and adding beauty and elegance to everyday life.

The ornate jewelry made in silver and gold is just one example of craftsmanship, with coral, cocoyol, and henequen thorns also used in making necklaces and earrings that adorn typical dresses and huipiles. The huipil, a traditional women’s dress popular in Yucatán, is made of white cotton with colorful flowers embroidered in cross stitch around the square neckline. The huipil is worn over a fustan, a simple skirt with lace around the edge to peep out below the huipil.

Hammocks are deeply integrated in Yucatecan culture. Hammock hooks are made with different kinds of materials including metal or wood, like those previously used on the haciendas. Hammocks made in the region can be purchased in different shops or directly from the homes of the artisans who produced them by hand.

Besides jewelry, hammocks, wooden crafts or typical costumes, other specialty goods include some of the best leather shoes in the area produced in towns like Ticul and Hunucma. The high quality “jipi” or “Panama hats” are made in Halacho, a town on the border with the state of Campeche. Wood is another product frequently used to create crafts in the region. The village of Dzitya, north of Mérida, is famous for its many products made of wood.

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