Outdoor Adventure Yucatan

Outdoor Adventures

Yucatán possesses abundant natural wealth with nature reserves and parks where visitors can observe wildlife, enjoy lush vegetation, explore caves and underground waterways, and much more.



Cenotes are underground, freshwater reservoirs unique to the Yucatán region. Scattered throughout the area, cenotes can be found in different forms: open, closed, semi-closed or caves. This allows for a variety of experiences from swimming in dark caves to enjoying a dip in a sun-filled pool with bright blue water. Some cenotes still retain archaeological vestiges from the time they were used as Mayan ceremonial sites. Top cenotes in Yucatán include Dzitnup, X’kekén, Suytun, Oxmal, X’canche, and Zací.


Caves are scattered throughout Yucatán, making cave diving a very popular activity. For those who enjoy diving into the depths of caves and underwater corridors, the Yucatán region will provide a unique and incomparable experience. In addition to diving and sightseeing, you can also swim in the caves to enjoy all of the beauty and mystery of the cenotes. This activity is available to those with year-round diving certifications at various locations. Popular cave diving sites include X’kekén and Ek Balam.


Kayaking is the perfect way to explore the lagoons, mangroves, and estuaries along the coast of Yucatán. Spend an afternoon on a kayak to discover areas not otherwise accessible. Recommended areas to enjoy kayaking include Ria de Progreso, Chuburna, Telchac Dzilam Bravo, San Felipe, Rio Largatos and Celestún. Tours include transportation with a bilingual tour guide (English/Spanish) and a kayak rental with a vest.


The perfect addition to a visit to the archaeological sites of Yucatán is a session of bird watching. Observe 444 of the 547 species recorded in the Peninsula, including the only colony of American Flamingos in Mexico with over 30,000 flamingos. Tours include transportation with a bilingual guide (English/Spanish) with a high knowledge of local species.


Enjoy the speed and adrenaline of flying through the natural beauty of Yucatán on a zip line. Zip lines are available in two locations, Ek Balam and Yokdzonot. Tours include transportation with a bilingual tour guide (English/Spanish) as well as safety equipment.


Sport fishing is a year-round activity that provides adventure seekers a great source of entertainment in Yucatán. Sport fishing locations in the region include Rancho Habones, Ox Watz, Ek Balam, Kaxil Chuburna and Carboneras. The most common species fished are tarpon, barracuda, mackerel, sea bass and snapper. Various sport fishing packages are available which generally include permits, fishing equipment such as boats, bait, and rods, as well as tide info.


Yucatán beaches feature shallow waters with fine white sand. There are three popular beach destinations in Yucatán. Dzilam Bravo offers quiet beaches of the Emerald Coast, which are suitable and safe for water sports and relaxation. Progreso features a robust boardwalk and is ideal for windsurfing, kayaking, and water sports. Celestún is home to pink flamingos and a variety of seafood.